AOSHIKE Car Auto Parktronic LED Parking Sensor with 4 Sensors Reverse Backup Car Parking Radar Monitor Detector System Display

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The reversing radar is designed based on the principle that bats fly at high speed in the night without colliding with any obstacles. The probe is mounted on the rear bumper. According to different prices and brands, the probes are divided into two, three, four, six and eight, respectively. The probe radiates at a 45-degree angle and searches for the target up and down. Its biggest advantage is that it can explore obstacles that are lower than the bumper and the driver is difficult to see from the rear window, and alarm, such as flower beds, children playing in the back of the car. When the gear lever is engaged in the reverse gear, the reversing radar automatically starts working, and the ranging range is 0.3 to 2.5 meters, so it is very practical for the driver when parking. Features: Supply voltage:10.5V-15V(12V nominal) Current consumption:200 mA max Working temperature:20°C-65°C Storage temperature:35°C-85°C the Diameter length : 22 mm Obstacle detection:from 150 cm from the bumper (post dia. 80 mm) Reliability over time:satisfies the strictest automotive standards Pack contains: 1 command module 4 ultrasonic sensors 1 power supply cable 1 hole borer 1 accessory kit 1 instruction manual IMPORTANT NOTES: This device has been designed as a driver aid and must not be considered infallible. Always manoeuvre vehicles with caution and using common sense. Manoeuvre your car slowly in the interest of your own safety and that of others. Always stop the vehicle when the hazard warning is activated, in order to take in account movement inertia. Periodically perform function checks on the sensors and ensure that they are clean at all times. In the event of rain, snow or ice, the sensors may be subject to a temporary drop in sensitivity of approximately 20%. Drive with even grater caution until evaporation is complete. Notes: Please allow 1-3mm(cm) differs due to manual measurement. Due to the different monitor and lights, the pictures may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. N***n

    All as ordered delivery quickly to the moscow region

    Color Name: silve


  2. A***H

    It was a month, without two days. everything is fine! The next day installed, everything works, as in the pharmacy. i advise the seller.

    Color Name: Black


  3. R***o

    Very good quality. For such a value is super. Fast shipping. Orders in this seller constantly. You can get guaranteed discount up to 10% from any purchase on aliexpress!! Here is the registration link: click on the link. Discount link in 10% when shopping. Remove hearts, copy and paste into the address bar of the browser. Https: //♥Letyshops.♥Com/ua/soc/sh-1? r =♥1129 (the address should be as in the image below).?. Cashback service will open, you need to register there, and you can start shopping. .. This is the best cashback service! Successful purchases.!! Since the links were forbidden to post in the reviews (due to the fact that a large number uses, and sellers it is not profitable) i will leave it in the picture.

    Color Name: Black


  4. G***v

    Everyone is happy with everything on time and quality ….

    Color Name: red


  5. O***v

    I recommend this product, everything works, the box is whole.

    Color Name: Black


  6. D***v

    Delivery sdecom is of course something, the month was the order, and also our mail, the seller is sociable, the goods were brought home. All like a whole, a glass drill is also there, wires like not short, when i will finish the review.

    Color Name: gold


  7. B***o

    Acceptable quality, so far i like everything, i’ll set up to see how it works.

    Color Name: blue


  8. A***h

    I received everything in kind qualitatively done, tomorrow i will check by connecting to the battery.

    Color Name: gray


  9. E***a

    Parktronic works. Packed was good. Nothing was wrinkled.

    Color Name: Black


  10. N***v

    I got it, everything is fast. the courier called, brought where it was convenient for me quality for such money is excellent, the service is excellent, we have in the city for such requests 3-4 times more, i recommend.

    Color Name: Black


  11. R***v

    Outwardly everything looks very good, the quality plastic, the length of the cords is sufficient, it seems to have hit the color) has not yet installed, the weather is still cold, as i will write off)

    Color Name: blue


  12. AliExpress Shopper

    I ordered parktronic came after 2 weeks of transport sdec in the perm region all installed was not a working display on the first photo it will be seen that it showed at all not what it should. I opened the dispute part of the funds returned to me, then i decided to order another set from the same seller added 150 rubles to the returned amount. Ordered 28.04.19g and came it 30.04.19g transport company sdek, to be honest, i was shocked for 2 days and the parcel was at me. Changed the display now still works and in addition spare parts remained. I am very pleased with the seller 5 stars for everything. Buy will not regret!!!

    Color Name: silve

    AliExpress Shopper

  13. R***v

    Quality is very good)) i hope that it will work also qualitatively)) until i put it)) delivery was not fast but normal)) i advise the seller))

    Color Name: silve


  14. d***v

    Fast delivery (sdek) to the house by courier, installed quickly, works perfectly! I recommend!

    Color Name: silve


  15. A***v

    Arrived very quickly, 2 weeks to mo. Until i put it, i will add a review later

    Color Name: Black


  16. A***v

    I received the parcel. The courier delivered directly to the place indicated by me. Since the car in the repair will be installed later. Then i will add my feedback

    Color Name: white


  17. I***a

    Came very quickly externally everything is fine, until installed, brought courier sdek

    Color Name: red


  18. AliExpress Shopper

    Installed on renault stage and opel astra, everything works, the error is 10 cm. Squeaks oooochen loudly.

    Color Name: Black

    AliExpress Shopper

  19. A***n

    The parcel with parktronics was received by mail, delivery to the rostov region was only 4 (four) days, delivery was carried out by sdek company, packed only in a postal package, but in the middle of the whole even the boxes are not wrinkled, the package as when ordering, checked-works, the store and the seller recommend to purchase the goods.

    Color Name: silve


  20. S***v

    They brought straight home would have installed ……………

    Color Name: Black


  21. h***u

    Super fast shipping to lower tagil seller recommend installed all works thanks

    Color Name: Black


  22. B***h

    It came in less than a month-it seems from a warehouse in moscow. the courier handed it personally. Bought was to replace the previous similar-worked for 4 years, ohrip, then squeaks then silent, sensors left-right no longer distinguishes, only distance. As a result, the sensors remained old, the unit and the display had to be replaced. Everything works, but there is a significant drawback: there is no volume control, on the old one was. Squeaks loudly, passengers twitch with unaccustomed. I would like to be able to mute the sound. In the photo the old block

    Color Name: silve


  23. V***v

    It came quickly. Checked for 12 v-everything works, has not yet put. For 300 rubles-very good.

    Color Name: Black


  24. N***v

    The goods received a box a little mint, in the work has not yet checked

    Color Name: Black


  25. E***a

    Made an order on may 27, 2019, today may 31, 2019 in the morning at 10:00 the courier brought the order home for free. Pre-called. Very quickly and quickly. Well done. I did not expect it. Until i checked then i will add. Novosibirsk. Packed well. It’s all intact.

    Color Name: silve Ships From: Russian Federation


  26. V***v

    The goods arrived on june 4, and ordered in early may, in the end 1 month.
    Since the sensors themselves suffered, and the old parktronic block remained, just in case bought a kit, and what do you think, parktronic sensors came up, so you can safely take and everything will work

    Color Name: white


  27. S***a

    Very fast delivery by courier. Color matches. I haven’t tried it yet.

    Color Name: white Ships From: Russian Federation


  28. W***z

    All according to the description, shipment dotarła to Netherlands juz 8 days. Super, recommended

    Color Name: silve Ships From: China


  29. D***a

    Shipping is very long ordered 1.06 took
    16.07 packing is not what just a bag without a doll respectively a box all over the mint it kicked from china itself. So the display itself is some cloudy without a protective film as if used. I haven’t checked it in yet.

    Color Name: white Ships From: China


  30. J***z

    Exelent, the product is nice, exact colors and works perfectly

    Color Name: gray Ships From: China


  31. M***o

    Great product, arrived fast, original, highly recommended.

    Color Name: white Ships From: China


  32. D***v

    The goods received in 18 days from the date of purchase. Very fast. Well checked without installing in the car. It was not a worker. Wrote to the seller. Answered quickly. Solved the problem in one day. In the end he sent me from russia, but a different color. Not in principle. It came in one day. Thanks to him for the speed and solution of the problem. Everything works. Soon i will install and add feedback. Seller recommend. Take it.

    Color Name: gray Ships From: China


  33. I***n

    The product does its job. Very good paint finish.
    Sound(BIP) its not so clear like in oem parking sensors, but for the money, its perfect.
    I think it will work a long time because its used lightly.

    Color Name: Black Ships From: China


  34. Y***v

    Very fast shipping! Painted very high quality and rich color!
    Believed on the spot-works …. how will it work on the car-time will show)) seller, i advise))

    Color Name: silve Ships From: China


  35. V***n

    It came in 7 days to the kirov region, until i installed the whole

    Color Name: white Ships From: Russian Federation


  36. v***v

    Thank you for the fast delivery. received, everything is complete. it remains only to install. the color came up type-top. once again thank you and success in business!

    Color Name: gray Ships From: China


  37. D***v

    Delivery 3 days to eagle. Quality is normal. The drill bit sucks. Sensors in the resulting holes get light, but should not fall out. The length of the wires will be enough, i think, for any machine. Squeaks very loud. Distance determines fairly accurately. Power is taken from the reversing light. For this money is an excellent product.

    Color Name: silve Ships From: Russian Federation


  38. A***c

    Everything came, until it became, the quality is good, i will put it off

    Color Name: silve Ships From: China


  39. y***V

    Shipping 19 days. The box is slightly wrinkled. Everything works. took on solaris. I recommend.

    Color Name: gray Ships From: China


  40. O***m

    Order to noginsk came in 3 days. Ordered 24.09 came 27.09, took it himself, the courier would bring 28 numbers. The box is whole, the delivery of sdek from yekaterinburg. Install, add.

    Color Name: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  41. L***e

    Gauta per 3savaites
    Dezutes typewriter sulankstyta
    Viskas Taip Pat Kaip photo atitinka

    Color Name: Black Ships From: China


  42. I***v

    The product came in whole, installed while working, the error is slightly there, the purchase is satisfied, i recommend

    Color Name: white Ships From: Russian Federation


  43. A***a

    Delivery to kiev 14 days, delivery was to the entrance! Until they checked how it works

    Color Name: gray Ships From: China


  44. T***n

    Delivered in a week sdecom. A little crumpled box. I have no complaints. Until i checked.

    Color Name: silve Ships From: Russian Federation


  45. f***t

    It’s fast to Israel. Still no פתחתי

    Color Name: red Ships From: China


  46. a***v

    Awesome fast delivery to the perm region. The product is connected-works. with the color missed nothing stiashnogo painted in color himself. on the second photo the sensor is painted in color

    Color Name: gold Ships From: China


  47. s***i

    Until i put it, checked it works well, when i will add a review

    Color Name: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  48. A***l

    Great item! Everything works. Installation is not complicated. I recommend!

    Color Name: white Ships From: Russian Federation


  49. y***i

    fast delivery .. time to try it

    Color Name: silve Ships From: China


  50. V***v

    Price-quality. After installation, everything works as it should.

    Color Name: silve Ships From: Russian Federation


  51. S***y

    Got a chicken. On the table connected-works, squeaks, distance shows.

    Color Name: white Ships From: Russian Federation


  52. V***v

    Very quickly came. Sending sdek, delivery to the apartment. Great seller. I highly recommend.

    Color Name: silve Ships From: Russian Federation


  53. S***v

    It came quickly, with delivery from russia. Until installed, and so everything seems good, everything is whole.

    Color Name: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  54. D***n

    Everything works. Only can not adjust the volume.

    Color Name: white Ships From: Russian Federation


  55. S***n

    Delivery by courier. 04.10-10.10.when connected to the charger, everything worked, and sound and readings. i recommend

    Color Name: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  56. S***v

    In yekaterinburg delivered the next morning after the order by the company sdek. To say that i o @ ate it’s nothing to say :))) parktronic itself starts to work from 3 meters but squeaks from 1.5 meters. Very loud and i sealed the speaker, but still very loud. To buy i recommend!!!

    Color Name: white Ships From: Russian Federation


  57. C***r

    Compliant. He sent fast now is the second time i buy and a little time comes

    Color Name: silve Ships From: China


  58. d***d

    Installed, works well. Set as in the photo

    Color Name: Black Ships From: China


  59. G***

    It came in 3 days, everything is fine

    Color Name: Black Ships From: Russian Federation


  60. A***v

    Good parktronics all works fast delivery sociable seller

    Color Name: Black Ships From: China